Audio Chaos Theory

Fanfiction and transformative works are such a wonderful extension of fandoms and help keep the fandom fed and alive while we wait and hope for more of a story or movie.

For me, creating fanfics is a great short break from reality.

I named this little section of the interwebs "Audio Chaos Theory", because it houses my audio transformative works. The initial start (movie or story) can spawn so many different options - one never knows where fans will take the storyline.

Blanket Permission to Podfic or Translate My Transformative Works

If you wish to do a podfic or translation of my works, go for it - just let me know you do. I'd love to hear or read your version! (Even if I've already made a podfic of it!) If there are multiple people involved in work I did, please verify with them.

Thank You

A huge heartfelt thank you to paraka for hosting my podfics!